Cleaning Hard-Water Deposits

by emily on September 5, 2013

In the last post I talked about the best way to green-clean a shower. But what if you’re like me and don’t have a water softener (because it is full of chemicals, that’s why!), and the water is particularly hard in your area (can’t wait until we start showering with rain water!), and you have been like me – lazy about cleaning the shower?

Then you will no doubt have hard water deposits built up on whatever glass you may have in your shower (blessed are those who simply have the old-fashioned shower in a bathtub, with a fabric shower curtain!). In our case, we have glass on two sides: the shower door, and the top half of the side that divides the shower from the garden tub (an idea NOT invented by someone thinking about saving a homemaker some housecleaning). And lazy housecleaning me had let the deposits grow to the point where you couldn’t see out of what used to be clear glass.

At that point, elbow grease and water doesn’t work. In fact, elbow grease and a baking soda paste doesn’t work that much better. What can a lazy housekeeper do?

Well, years earlier I had read in a book about green cleaning that lemon juice (fresh, not the bottled kind) takes out the hard water deposits around faucets and such. So the next time I went grocery shopping, I bought a lemon. I cut it into fourths, went to the shower door, and…the video below demonstrates exactly what I did, and what the results were. It still took quite a bit of scrubbing to get the gunk off, and I will not judge you if you decide to use a chemical cleaner just this one time to get such a job done.

But ever afterward, you can avoid ever having to clean hard water deposits if you follow my advice in the previous video and simply wipe down the shower every morning.

Enjoy the video; hope it helps you!

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