Essential Oils

Essential oils should be an integral part of your medicine cabinet. Why?

  • Unlike conventional medicine, they do not cause toxicity in the body or cause side effects.
  • They often relieve symptoms faster than medication.
  • Most are immune-system boosters.
  • There is an essential oil to treat every condition.
  • Their therapeutic effects are more concentrated than that of dried herbs, and perhaps even herbal tinctures.
  • They are less expensive than conventional medication.

How do they work?

Essential oils are extracted from various plant parts. Birch oil, for example, is extracted from the bark of the birch tree, while lemon oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit. Many are extracted from the leaves; others, from flowers or roots.

The plant oils contain various naturally occurring chemical constituents that act in specific ways in the body. For example, they may reduce inflammation, act as an expectorant, or aid in digestion. Most oils, because of their chemical make-up, have multiple uses.

Examples of uses for various oils

  • A drop of peppermint on the tongue relieves nausea.
  • Diffused lavender oil stops nighttime bruxism, or tooth grinding.
  • Dill oil, applied topically, relieves cramps, including menstrual.
  • Frankincense and geranium oils, applied topically or taken internally, both kill cancer cells.
  • Eucalyptus, inhaled or diffused, helps clear the sinuses.
  • Inhaled or taken internally, thyme kills the MRSA bug, as well as just about every other pathogen.
  • A couple drops of rosemary in a glass of water will relieve mood swings in about five minutes.

Other benefits of essential oils

  • They oxygenate the cells; disease begins when cells lack oxygen.
  • They can pass through the blood-brain barrier, making them effective treatments for neurological diseases.
  • Most are powerful antioxidant substances.
  • Diffused oils can purify the air.

Ways to use essential oils

  • Topically, where the need is
  • Mixed with bath salts, which are then dissolved in bath water
  • Rubbed into soles of feet
  • Inhaled directly from the bottle
  • Diffused
  • Added to massage oils
  • Added to lotions and other body oils
  • Internally, whether added to food or put in capsules
  • Spritzed (usually for disinfecting household surfaces)

“But I’ve tried essential oils before, and they didn’t work!”

Sadly, most of the leading essential oil companies compromise the integrity of their product in some way.


An essential oil is one of the most effective natural treatments around, if it has been:

  1. harvested at the right time
  2. from plants grown in the right way, and then
  3. processed without chemicals, and
  4. have nothing added to it.

Finding therapeutic oils that fulfill all four of the above qualifications is an almost impossible task.

But there is one company whose founder and president is religious about making sure that not only are none of the oils ever diluted, but also every single one is grown, harvested and processed at exactly the right time times and in exactly the right ways.

The company is Be Young Essential Oils.

Yes, I am a distributor of the company. I believe in providing toxin-free, natural remedies for people who have had enough of the pharmaceutical industry. And I have personally experienced the effectiveness of the oils put out by Be Young.

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