Going Green With Your Clean: The Toilet

by emily on January 22, 2013

Of course, after reading the vivid description about how toilet cleaning used to look for me, you probably guessed I would start here. There are several much safer, much cheaper alternatives to the aforementioned blue liquid. Sure, you could buy the green alternative form your local health food store, but have you priced it lately?

Okay, so if you’re Al Gore or Kevin Trudeau you couldn’t care less how much anything costs. Then again, if you are Al or Kevin a housekeeper does all you cleaning for you. But you are neither, so you would probably be interested in knowing that you can clean your toilet bowl for pennies per scrub, and that it won’t take any preparation.

There are three main homemade ways (that I know of) to clean a toilet without the use of toxins:

  1. Distilled white vinegar and baking soda,
  2. Distilled white vinegar and tea tree oil, and
  3. Liquid castile soap.

The first and second are the least expensive methods, but if you don’t appreciate the aroma of vinegar (yet), liquid castile soap still costs much less than commercial toilet bowl cleaner (especially if you buy it in the gallon size) and smells lovely.

Toilet bowl cleaner #1: vinegar and baking soda

½ cup baking soda

1 cup white vinegar (for a 5-gallon flush toilet; reduce by half for 1.5 – 2.5 gallon toilets)

Pour first the baking soda, then the vinegar into the toilet bowl. Let sit for five to ten minutes, scrub bowl, then flush.

Toilet bowl cleaner #2: vinegar and tea tree oil

½ to 1 cup vinegar

1 drop 100% pure and undiluted tea tree oil

Drop oil into vinegar. Pour mixture into toilet bowl. Let sit for a few minutes, scrub, flush.

This is also a powerful anti-bacterial mixture to put into a spray bottle to clean the seat, lid and outside of the toilet.

Toilet bowl cleaner #3: liquid castile soap

Measure a tablespoon of the soap into a bowl, and scrub clean.

For better results for all three recipes, turn off the water valve behind the toilet, then flush the toilet so that the cleansing materials don’t get diluted by the water. I don’t do that, however, as I take as many shortcuts with my housecleaning as I can get away with. ;)

Stop by again this Saturday for our next Green Clean tip.

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