How To Declutter, Step Six: Spare The Accessories

by emily on July 17, 2013

Americans wouldn’t need such big houses, wouldn’t have as much debt, could perhaps even retire earlier, if they could just eschew the mass media marketing and not collect so much unnecessary stuff. But since we do, the stuff piles up over time, taking over tables, bookshelves, closets, garages, and even chairs and floor space for the worst packrats.

The best cure is prevention: don’t buy stuff you don’t absolutely need in the first place, and take care of paper clutter as soon as it enters your house. But if you’re like most people, it’s too late for that. Hindsight is 20/20, and you have promised yourself to be more careful about purchasing and collecting things. In the meantime, what do you to open up more cabinet and shelving space, to reduce the amount of square footage you need, to get rid of the gut-tightening emotion that comes on you every time you open your closet or look at the piles on the kitchen counter?

You declutter, of course! The first five videos in this series discuss the following steps I used to declutter over 70 boxes and bags of items:

  1. Find a good reason to declutter;
  2. Ask yourself what you would really want/need to keep in the event of a disaster that destroyed your home;
  3. Start small;
  4. Sort your stuff; and
  5. Organize the stuff you decide to keep.

The video below is the final step in decluttering. While it’s not necessary, it gives you a different perspective on home decorating that could save you both time and money over the long haul, and provide you with more space. Enjoy it!

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