My Christmas Decorating Contribution

by emily on December 3, 2012

I once moved in the middle of December. I told Jerry the other day that I don’t know which is more stupid to do right before Christmas: moving, or having a bunionectomy.

Well, the show must go on, and so here is a picture of how I helped with the Christmas tree decorating on Saturday:

Yup, I put the hooks on the ornaments. It was actually kind of nice not to have to go back and forth constantly, and try to figure out the perfect place to hang each one.

To make things even more interesting, Jerry punctured a hole in his right foot Saturday night. (Don’t ask; just one of those flukes. Thank God for geranium essential oil, and the anti-bacterial oils.) He said that now, between the two of us, we have one good pair of feet.

The good news is, I am actually picking my left foot off the floor when I walk and taking larger steps. I have also started taking my surgical shoe and sock off twice a day to rub lavender, helichrysum, and rosemary oil on the places of my foot that are not bandaged, hoping to have the bruising heal more quickly and the swelling to stop sooner.

Life is good. But I definitely want to avoid another bunionectomy, if at all possible.

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