They Lied To Us?

by emily on December 13, 2012

Is vegetarianism unhealthy?

I recently had a heated debate with someone who commented on a post I wrote last week. Notice that I have turned off comments. Blog commenters often turn out to be just like some FBers or forum writers – they say things they would never say to the other person’s face because they know it would be rude and offensive. I don’t need more stress. I don’t need people who don’t know me pasting labels on me that are SO FAR  and flat out wrong that when I tell friends and family members about the label they laugh and say, “Really? Uh, uh, not you Emily.”

But the lady did bring up a really good point. She has been a vegetarian since 1965, she informed me, raised all her kids vegetarian, and yes, they have done blood work and are not deficient in anything.

So I was going to write a blog post to freely admit I have been wrong. I have wondered about it for some time, and her comment – at first - was evidence that my wondering had been on the right track. I was thinking that if one person stated they experienced it, you can bet there are many other people who have had the same experience.

Here is how I was going to originally continue this post :

Here is where I think I may have been wrong: insisting that everybody needs to consume animal products in order to be healthy. Here is what I have been wondering: whether the Blood Type/Body Type people were right in saying that different people have different nutritional needs.

I should have stuck to that belief, which I did actually hold at one point.

But then along come Paleo and various other low-carb ideas that insist that grains are evil and that you can’t get everything you need from the plant world. And because my particular body cannot tolerate a lot of grains, and feels much better eating meat, I jump on that bandwagon.

I apologize to my readers for having been biased.

Then I actually went and visited the vegetarian commenter’s blog. She is afflicted with lumbar osteoporosis and polymyalgia rheumatica.


She had stated in her original comment that a 100% vegetarian diet is the way to optimal health! Having blood work that shows you are not deficient in nutrients is apparently not the be-all-end-all of determining how healthy you are, or will be.

I stand my ground. While some people can tolerate a higher-grain diet and don’t need as much meat, I will continue to believe that animal products of some kind must be part of the diet to maintain optimum health. If that makes me biased, so be it. Do I have to mention that people with similar health problems to those mentioned above find relief by eliminating grains from their diet and adding in meat?

Even formerly staunch vegans gurus – Harvey Diamond, John Robbins, Susan Shenck, Victoria Boutenko, to name a handful – have added animal products into their diet. Those hypocritical traitors.

Unless…they have had to change their answer to the question, “Is vegetarianism unhealthy?” for the sake of living truly well.

Stay healthy and happy,


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