WIG Episode 4: Two Major Effects of Stress

by emily on August 24, 2011

If you’re serious about living healthy, you have got to reduce your stress levels. In the last Weird Is Great podcast we discussed what stress is, its symptoms and generally how it has a negative effect on the body.

In this episode we get into the two major problems stress can cause in the body. Join me as we learn:

  • how stress affects all of the organs in your body;
  • one of the most debilitating conditions that you may not even be aware you have;
  • why reducing stress may decrease the number of colds and flus you catch; and
  • how stress can lead to cancer.

There are no good effects of stress, at least of the chronic kind. In order to develop the energy level and longevity you need to grow into your full potential, you must get stress under control.

Resources for this episode:

Weird Health e-book


Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Letty February 10, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Living healthy can be just right through your hands and as well as within you. Improve yourself and your coping mechanism to be able to manage your stress and live healthy. As healthy thoughts can also bring you healthy body.

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