by emily on October 19, 2012

I wish my parents would have fed me only whole foods from birth until I left for college.

I wish I would have never had “that” relationship at ages 20 and 21.

I wish I would have gone for a communications or music major instead of  Elementary Education when I went to college.

I wish I would have started wearing orthotics in my teens.

I wish I would have become interested in strength training in my 20’s instead of now, in my 40’s.

I wish I would have taken up that rich old lady’s offer to tutor her grandson (this was just before Dallas Independent School District hired me).

I wish I would have learned about Internet businesses back in 2000.

I wish Jerry and I would have had a small wedding ceremony with family only.

I wish I hadn’t killed my neck right before we got married.

I wish I had been in better physical shape before I got pregnant.

I wish I hadn’t killed my eyes on the computer three years ago.

I wish…I wish…I wish.

But the question is, where would I be today if some of these seemingly inconvenient things hadn’t happened? It is possible that:

  • I would not be able to relate to women who feel trapped in bad relationships.
  • I wouldn’t appreciate the addiction people have to processed foods.
  • I wouldn’t have learned the life lessons I needed by interacting with small people and navigating through a warped mainstream system every day.
  • I wouldn’t have received the spiritual revival I needed (thanks to the friendship of another teacher).
  • I would not be able to empathize with people with disabilities.
  • I would never have met Jerry.

Life happens. And sometimes it sucks, and brings events that seem to bring no purpose.

But often, those events do have purpose – and good purpose – that we cannot recognize until years later. Without experiencing one of the negatives, we may miss out on many of the potential positives.

It’s hard for me not to have regrets. However, it’s even harder for me to seriously despise life’s difficulties when I look back and see the good places they have brought me to.

Stay happy and healthy,


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