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Music And Health: Or, How Good Are Those Vibrations?

What if I told you that music and health can go hand in hand?

I was in the bulk section of my local health food store. My son, just under two, sat in the cart, quietly taking in the surroundings.

heavy metal musicSuddenly, a song began to play that I hadn't heard since high school. A heavy metal song that, despite its juvenile lyrics, lack of melody, and irregular rhythm, became popular when it was released twenty years earlier.

As every cell in my body began to cringe, I prayed for the music system to break down. I wanted to throw my hands over my ears and say, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, I can't hear you!”

The song finally ended as we headed toward the next aisle, and I felt muscles relax that I hadn't even realized had tensed up. I have no recollection of the song that followed, other than the beat was even and the tone was pleasant. But I could feel my body saying, “Ah, that's better.”


Music and health: two unlikely partners

I could have easily chalked the experience up to the fact that I never liked heavy metal music. Or that that song was particularly bad. But I knew better. I'd learned, a few years earlier, that heavy metal completely perverts the structure of a water molecule.

Yes, scientists have actually looked at a drop of water under a microscope and compared it before and after being exposed to different kinds of music. Heavy metal music turns its beautiful snowflake-like molecular structure into blobs.

Baroque classical music, on the other hand, causes water molecules that are somewhat irregular to be transformed into a model of perfect symmetry. Music and health appear to be strongly connected.

“Well, okay,” you think. “No more heavy metal music near the kitchen.”


You are what you…listen to?

Better take that thought a step farther. Remember what your body is mostly made up of? Could it be...


So what happened to me in the health food store that day? My body was trying to tell me, “Please, stop the music! You're hurting me!”

Now, if heavy metal happens to be your favorite kind of music, go ahead and listen to it. After all, life is to be enjoyed. However, you might consider following your favorite heavy metal CD with a few minutes of Mozart each time. Music and health do, in fact, go hand in hand.

And if you don’t listen to heavy metal, don’t think that you’re off the hook when it comes to spreading negative vibes.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue

Just as playing classical music can restructure a water molecule to its original beauty, so does the written word. Write “Love” on a glass and fill it with tap water (which has had its molecular structure compromised thanks to innumerable chemicals).

Twenty-four hours later, researchers discover, the water molecules once again resemble snowflakes.

Then take that same water and pour it into a glass with “I hate you” written on it. Within a few hours, guess what happens?

Yep. The water molecules degenerate into blobs once again.

How about when we have words with someone? A spouse, a friend, a child?

“You are such an idiot!” “Why can't you do anything right?” “Jerk!”

As are music and health, so are words and health. We are compromising the health of both other person as well as ourselves. We are causing negative vibrations to reverberate at the cellular level.

Now, obviously, that doesn't mean that because we occasionally blow up and say the wrong things that we are going to die of cancer and be the death of everyone else around us. (Thank God for grace!)

However, it does mean that negative words can compromise our health, and will be anviolin with sheet music obstacle to reaching our optimum health. The more so if a person has a problem with anger and finds himself exploding on a regular basis.

Ah, suddenly we can understand the Scriptures that warn against bad-mouthing and filthy language in a new light. Suddenly the Scriptures that encourage us to speak edifying words and to live at peace with everyone have a whole new meaning.

We were designed to thrive in a positive, uplifting environment. Although life will bring challenges and heartaches, we can choose to use words and music that will move us through them with a sense of joy and peace.

May I coach you? Since music and health have a proven link, choose wisely what goes into your ears.

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