Adventures in Preschooling Homeschooling

Adventures in Preschooling Homeschooling

Homeschooling a preschooler – even if you’re doing it the “life learning” way – definitely has its challenges. Especially when the child in question is an Only, and is constantly demanding attention from Mommy and Daddy.

Here are five preschool activity suggestions that can help you fill those long days when you strive for that delicate balance between managing the household and keeping your Little Explorer busy.

1. Puppet shows

One puppet is enough; two or three can make this preschool activity even more fun. Spend about fifteen minutes having the puppet either talk with your child, or you can tell a story using the puppets. Make one up to highlight an event from earlier in the day or week, or perform an actual children’s story or fairy tale.

2. Arts and crafts

An online search will quickly bring up tons of websites with all sorts of craft ideas to do with your preschooler. The cheapest ones, of course, are the ones that are made of mostly reused materials you already have lying around the home.

Set aside at least thirty minutes for these kinds of activities.

3. Music time

Adventures in Preschooling Homeschooling

By now, your child has shown definite preference in music CD’s. Take fifteen to thirty minutes a day to dance, sing or play percussion instruments with your preschoolers while the music plays.

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4. Learn a foreign language

Now is the second-best time to introduce your preschooler to a second language (the best time is at birth). Don’t worry if you’re not fluent in a second language yourself; there are plenty of child-oriented CDs and DVDs that easily allow children and parents to learn together.

In out home, we have no need to set aside a time to practice another language, as I have been speaking Spanish to our son since he was around sixteen months old. If you need to set aside time to do this, plan on fifteen minutes. Expand the time if your child wants to continues.

5. Read together, read together, read together.

Sitting your child in front of a Reading Rainbow DVD does NOT count.

The preschool years present a wonderful opportunity to develop a solid bond between child and parent. Throw two or three of the above preschool activities into your day, and marvel how much more fulfilling and joyful the time spent homeschooling your preschooler becomes.