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Alternatives To Health Insurance

I never had health insurance when I was single. The only reason we have it now is because Jerry gets it for practically nothing through his company, but once we are both self-employed, we would prefer not to carry long-term health insurance.

And I am hoping that our next President will repeal at least that part of Obamacare that forces people to carry health insurance. For one thing, we generally use alternative health care professionals if any care is necessary, and insurance won’t cover most of those expenses. For another, for people who eat right, exercise and generally take good care of themselves, health insurance is a huge waste of money. And of course, there is the liberty issue, which I won’t get into right now.

But I’m not dumb. I realize that accidents do happen, and that sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can get struck with a nasty illness. If you’re like we are and want a cushion against medical emergencies but don’t want to pay for regular health insurance, there are several options.

1. Short-term health insurance

While it’s still health insurance, you only carry it for a limited amount of time. It comes in hand for events such as vacations, and makes for a great health insurance for college graduates. (Read more about health insurance options on Investopedia.)

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2. Buy catastrophic insurance.

Alternatives To Health Insurance

This way, you pay less than for regular health insurance, but can still be covered in the event of major accidents.

3. Build up a large emergency fund.

If you have one year’s of household expenses saved up, for example, you can pay for medical expenses out-of-pocket.

4. Learn basic medical care, and keep essential oils on hand.

While you can’t do much at home for major physical problems, like somebody cutting off their finger, you can learn to suture wounds, do CPR and other first-aid tricks, and use essential oils to quickly alleviate symptoms and kill off pathogens (click here to download your free copy of a guide to the correct use of the right kind of essential oils).

If you rarely see any kind of doctor, you throw money down the toilet every month that you pay for regular health insurance. Consider the above options, and hey, let’s be careful out there!