Five Advantages Of Homesteading
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Five Advantages Of Homesteading

There are many advantages to homesteading. At first glance, the non-homesteader can only see a lot of hard work, too much personal sacrifice, and not nearly enough leisure time.

Of course, if you have not been brought up on a homestead, jumping into all of its many aspects at once would probably be overwhelming and miserable. That’s why I recommend stepping into the homestead lifestyle bit by bit. (By the way, you can homestead no matter where you live.)

Once you get into the rhythm of this lifestyle, you begin to see many advantages to homesteading over the modern lifestyle. Five of the main ones follow.

1. Increased level of fulfillment.

When you homestead, you engage in a lot of productive labor. The more productive you feel, the more fulfilled your life is, and the happier you are.

2. A higher level of self-sufficiency.

Homesteaders are by default prepared for emergencies. They grow and store extra food, have alternative energy sources, and perhaps even produce their own fibers for making clothes. When you are at least partially self-sufficient, you have more security because when everyone else is having an emergency, life goes on as usual for you.

3. Often requires a lower income.

Five Advantages Of Homesteading

There are several reasons for this.

  • Homesteaders tend to eschew expensive gadgets. Once you are deep into the homesteading lifestyle, you realize that there are many more creative and healthier ways to find recreation than the latest technological invention.
  • They do not travel a lot. For one thing, they are happy where they are. For another, they usually have some sort of livestock that need daily attention.
  • They grow/produce anywhere from 50% to 100% of their own food.
  • They make their own things, rather than buying pre-fabbed items. For example, they build their own chicken coop instead of purchasing one from a gardening catalog.
  • They use alternative energy sources. Many homesteaders produce at least part of their own energy, using such technologies as solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric power. Thus, they do not have monthly gas/electricity bills.
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4. Improved health.

Homesteading is healthier for both the homesteader, and for the planet. Homesteaders eat the most nutritious food: freshly picked. They get a lot of exercise. Full-time homesteaders are not stressed out by a job.

In addition, because they are living much more sustainably than the typical modern person, they help to create a healthier environment.

5. More resourceful.

This point may be debated; however, it is a fact that homesteaders are genius when it comes to repurposing materials, and figuring out ways to use what is already available instead of buying things specifically manufactured for a certain task.

Yes, living more simply and closer to the earth means more work. But the work is fulfilling, and the advantages of homesteading ultimately bring many rewards.