Five Unique Ways To Save Money With Kids

Five Unique Ways To Save Money With Kids

When you have children, finding ways to save money can be a challenge. From clothing needs to school events, the money you spend on your kids can add up quickly – and be a strain on your financial goals. Especially the goal to be a frugal family!

But with some firm boundaries and creative thinking, raising even a tribe of children doesn’t need to cost nearly as much as the ridiculous averages estimated by so-called experts. Need a kick-start on some ideas on how to make living with kids more economical? Try one of the following.

1. Hold birthday parties at the park.

Don’t even bother renting a pavilion. If it’s going to rain, you can always postpone the even to the next day. Instead, just invite a few of your child’s friends (and/or favorite relatives) for lunch and fun at the park. Provide the birthday dessert, and ask invitees to bring other finger foods.

What if you live in a cold climate and your child’s birthday falls during the cold part of the year? Develop the tradition of celebrating half-birthdays. Or, hold a sledding party, if you can find a host yard big enough!

2. Repurpose used clothing.

One of the oldest tricks of a frugal family is to make clothing last as long as possible.

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Got a hole in a knee of a pair of jeans that is beyond repair? Cut the legs off just above the knees and let the child wear them as shorts. If you are inclined to sew, adult-sized T-shirts from thrift stores can be transformed into skirts for girls, playsuits for young ones, etc.

3. Celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Five Unique Ways To Save Money With Kids

Make birthdays the gift-getting days. For Christmas, have everyone make gifts for Jesus. To make it even more meaningful, encourage gifts that can actually be used by other family members, such as bead jewelry, ornamental crafts, etc.

4. Ask for gift cards for your birthday/Christmas…

then use them for your kids! You may have friends or relatives who insist on getting you something for those special holidays, no matter how much you try to tell them you’re getting rid of stuff, not accumulating more.

So – like a wise and cunning frugal family – ask for gift cards, then use them to purchase gifts for your children’s birthdays (or Christmas, if you don’t like idea #3 😉 ). Bookstores, department stores, and even home improvement stores carry a wide variety of merchandise of interest to the young people in your family.

5. Make babyhood as cheap as possible.

Breastfeed as long as you can. Use cloth diapers. Buy cribs, changing tables, toddler beds, clothes, etc., etc. on consignment. Don’t worry about buying toys for your new little one – at least your first two babies will be overwhelmed with gifts from doting grandparents, aunts and uncles, and relatives you haven’t even seen in ten years!

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Being a frugal family is still possible, despite all the marketing and material stuff being thrown into your face on a regular basis. Stick to your guns and get your creative juices flowing, and soon you’ll be finding ways to save money around every corner.