Iron Beds Will Help to Transform Your Bedroom

Iron Beds Will Help to Transform Your Bedroom

The bed has always been a major must-have piece of furniture in any home. It is a vital piece that people will spend generously on, just to have the best fitting bed for their houses. Most people are familiar with the traditional wooden bed frames adorned with beautiful colors, engravings and such. Today, aside from bed frames made from wood, iron beds are becoming popular and many people. Customers are starting to buy them more often these days. This write-up will explore why iron bed frames are becoming popular and will talk about their advantages over wooden beds.

Types of Iron beds

There are two main types of iron bed frames available today. Frames made from cast iron and wrought iron. Depending on preference, these two main types of iron bed frames have become very popular today.

Wrought Iron beds

Large double wraought iron bed. Bed is covered with white linens
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Basically, wrought iron means iron shaped through the use of tools. Most of the time, bed frames made from wrought iron make use of thin, slender iron rods that are shaped into various and interesting designs. Many will find these types of bed frames a nice addition to any room. Though one may think that these metal bed frames cannot support heavy weight, one will be surprised on its durability and strength.

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Cast Iron beds

Cast iron on the other hand, is iron shaped through cast molds. Traditionally, bed frames made from cast iron have been used since ancient times for creating highly decorative frames. Early records of cast iron bed frames date way back into early Chinese history. These types of beds can also be added into modern homes today.

Factories now also create highly decorative bed frames using the same, old techniques used time immemorial. Cast iron metal bed frames are still the best choice, if one is focusing on improving the aesthetic ambiance in one’s bedroom. However, modern cast iron bed frames are more durable and strong, as most use only cast iron for decoration but use steel for its frames.

Cast Iron beds
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Because cast iron bed frames are made from molds, one can easily recreate antique designs. Antique iron beds have become popular today especially with factories that custom make them.

Advantages of using Iron bed frames

First of all, the main advantage of using metal beds compared to wooden bed frames is that they are not affected as much by wear. Because of this, iron bed frames tend to last much longer. Depending on the make of the metal frames. Durability is one of the main advantages iron frames have over wood.

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Second is that iron bed frames tend to cost less than wooden frames. As much of the iron frames are done mechanically, less man hours are needed to finish one bed frame, thus lowering the cost.

Furthermore, metal bed frames such as rod iron beds, can easily adapt into modern interior designing styles. Metal bed frames tend to look “spacious” because of its generally “airy” design. If used properly, metal beds can make a room look bigger than it is. There are many interior designers that advise the use of metal bed frames to add a feeling of space in a bedroom.

Disadvantages of metal beds

One of the main disadvantages of using metal beds is they tend to get uncomfortable during cold weather, especially if one’s home is not thoroughly heated during winter. Also without proper maintenance, rust can also damage these iron frames.

Disadvantages of metal beds
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The bedroom is one of the most important parts in a house and should also be its most relaxing. One should make one’s bedroom a place for relaxation, a haven from the world and the hectic events of everyday life. With metal bed frames, any room will become a nice place to relax, because it really adds exotic beauty to one’s own bedroom.

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