Platform Beds and Why You Should Use Them

Platform Beds and Why You Should Use Them

There are a host of options available when choosing the right type of bed. Given the average lifetime spent on the bed, it is but natural to give a good thought before buying one. There are several factors to be considered while buying a bed, including the design, size, comfort and support levels, durability and of course, the price. Platform beds are widely popular, mainly because of the different choices available to the buyers. These beds are simple, sturdy platforms made from a single board or uniform slats. These offer the highest levels of support to the human frame, as they completely do away with the need for boxed springs and, hence, are more cost-effective.

Different Types

Different Types
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There are four distinct types of platform beds: Asian, European or Modern, Traditional and Storage.

  • Asian beds are simple and functional, with their designs blending oriental calm and artistic expressions of the East.
  • The contemporary European beds too are quite minimalistic in design, but present the buyer with a range of choices on the material being used to build these beds. Wood, metal, particle boards, upholstered boards and even plastic is often used in European designs.
  • Platform beds, which are fitted with storage cabinets beneath the sturdy top surface, is an ideal choice for small homes with a serious space crunch. Storage beds may either directly rest on the floor or be slightly raised from the floor level, making it easier to clean and maintain the floors.
  • Traditional platforms are a mix of Asiatic and European styles, and are often custom-made to suit specifications. These are crafted out of solid wood or composite boards.
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Bed Sizes

Platforms are available in different sizes to match the room space or specific home needs. King-size beds usually span 72-76 inches in width and 80-84 inches in length, based on the model. Full-size, queen-size, and twin-size beds are also available.

Mattress Choices

People who are used to box spring mattresses would be happy to know that platform beds support both conventional and thinner box springs. However, the height of the bed may vary. The height of the headboard and the slats can be adjusted to make space to fit the box mattresses. It is, however, important to note that mattress sizes will have to exactly fit the bed.

Materials Used For Bed Frames

Materials Used For Bed Frames
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As mentioned before, European platform beds are available in a range of materials, from plastic to solid wood. Hardwoods are a favorite, primarily because of their sturdiness, durability and resistance to damage. They can be crafted to sport ornate designs and headboards, but they are quite costly, as well. Reclaimed hardwoods are mainly used to create designer custom beds for those who can afford the space for such ornate beds.

Metal frames from powder-coated steel are equally sturdy and durable; while other softwoods, lighter metals such as aluminum may also suit specific needs.

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Beds are fitted using nails and bolts, tongue and groove foundations, mortise and tenons. The fitting methods or tools chosen are, however, based on the materials used in the frames. Appropriate assembly techniques ensure that the fixtures stay firmly in place over years of regular use.

DIY platform designs allow enthusiasts to neatly put together a platform in a cost-effective manner. These simple beds can support a variety of mattresses. This makes the project even more personalized, comfortable and pocket-friendly, as they are easily portable and can be altered to suit home needs.

Platform beds offer the much needed support for the body. These beds allow other additional choices in terms of storage, sizes, materials and prices, making them an ideal choice for all homes.

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