Beach Chairs – Finding the Right Ones for You

Beach Chairs – Finding the Right Ones for You1

If you are anything like the other sunshine fanatics out there, you will be preparing a trip to the beach very soon. Once you’ve packed your shades, sunscreen and a good book, you might feel that something is missing. To enjoy a lovely beach in comfort, you need a nice chair. Here’s a quick guide to assist you with choosing from many stylish beach chairs prior to your next visit to the sand and surf.


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The majority of beach chairs can be folded for ease of transportation and storage. However, some chairs can be folded up to a particularly small size. Other folding beach chairs even have carry straps. The best models are manufactured as backpacks, like the Rio beach chairs and Tommy Bahama beach chairs. This makes them much more convenient to carry.

Also, adjustable makes are available, which provide anything from two to seven reclining positions. The ones that recline fully are excellent, because you can have a little nap in the sunshine. Other appealing features to check for are adjustable neck rests, integrated cup holders, canopies for blocking UV rays, and zippered storage pockets.

Choosing the Material

The frames for these chairs can be made from a variety of materials, from plastic to wood to metal, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. While aluminum frames represent the most lightweight and portable option, they might bend or dent if not gently handled. Steel frames are stronger, but check that the metal has received a powder coat, so it will be rust resistant. Usually, wooden beach chairs weigh more than metal chairs, although they are extremely stable and have a traditional appeal. Furthermore, plastic or hardwood arm rests will not become very hot in the sunshine, so your forearms won’t get burned.

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Choosing the Material
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The majority of seats are manufactured from plastic, polypropylene or polyester, because these materials are washable, durable, quick to dry and enable air to circulate via their open weaves. Also, they can be produced in bright patterns and colors. Canvas or cotton seats are available too, which are soft to touch, but they are less resistant to the elements.

Range Of Styles

Several different kinds of chairs are available, which range in comfort, portability and price. For cheap beach chairs, the classic sand chairs provide a lightweight and straightforward design. However, they have no options for adjustment, or extra features. The Hi boy chair is similar, but it is raised sixteen to eighteen inches off the ground. The classic butterfly chair is good for the beach, because it folds up small for convenient transportation.

Beach chair Style Range
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Chaise lounge chairs provide the most relaxation and comfort, because they protrude further than the classic chairs. Thus, you can stretch your legs out and unwind, although this model is less portable and more cumbersome. Compared to all the available styles, the new “zero gravity” ergonomic models are the best. These are designed to adjust to your body and take pressure off your back. You can put them in any position, from fully reclined to straight up. They look rather fashionable as well.

You can buy these chairs from local discount stores, or any shops that offer beach equipment. You can rent them from a beach chair keeper too. Prior to purchasing, check that the seat will withstand different weather conditions, and that it will accommodate your body weight. Remember that you want a compact, comfortable, durable and lightweight beach chair, so keep your eyes peeled and shop around. Prices vary, depending on the quality of the materials. Nowadays, most beach chair companies sell their products on the web.

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