Bistro Tables for 6 Styled Homes
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6 Bistro Tables for 6 Styled Homes

One should be able to differentiate which bistro table will be the best fit for that particular home. Space should not be the only details used when choosing a bistro. Once your guests have entered the home and are escorted back to where the bistro area is, the look of that bistro should flow with the décor and style of the home. In fact, bistro sets serve as the perfect furniture accessories whether lounging alone in the morning with a cup of coffee or dining with a companion with quiche and grilled shrimp for a private brunch. However, many do not take into consideration that the bistro area is an extended representation of their home and thereby often it sends the wrong impression. Here is a quick guide to help you when ensuring you have the perfect bistro for your home.

A Victorian Style Queen Anne home is one with great elegance and class just as in the Victorian era. With this home the architecture is very detail oriented, and is more compact looking than other styles of homes. One can always spot a Queen Anne-style home by the Victorian style, as in all the intricate gables, towers, bays and turrets it is designed with.

Bistro Tables for 6 Styled Homes
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Now the bistro table that is most fitting for a Victorian Queen Anne-style home would be a white or bronze colored Victorian style bistro table. Naturally like the house, they will be detailed with designs such as floral, foliates, borders, geometrics and decorative motifs. These tables are produced from 19th century sources in order to create that authentic Victorian look.

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In a Tuscan style Italian home, there is a great old style charm and authenticity. Richly textured surfaces, walls and incredible stonework make up the Tuscan style. The flair for a rustic outdoor ambiance appearance is what creates an incredible mood where some homemade lasagna with lots of Italian tomato sauce and cheeses are made.

The key word for a Tuscan style Italian home is outdoors. Therefore a Tuscany outdoor bistro table is best for almost every Italian family occasion. In this case, several of these tables will be needed to accommodate everyone. They are made of a cast collection of lightweight aluminum. Tuscany tables provide additional elegance to the home representing it with pure sophistication.

An Art Deco style home was originated in France as an exposition of the modern world to come. This French style home follows its décor from geometric ornamentation from ancient civilization. Art Deco is indeed a “home of work” of art including symmetrical or zigzag repeating designs only found in Mayan artwork and Aztec designs.

2Bistro Tables for 6 Styled Homes
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Now for an Art Deco home, the french bistro table would be the only appropriate choice. The bistro table must be an equally beautiful work of art to compliment the surrounding. Importing from France and manufactured with the finest grade of steel, they are carefully run through several stages of paint colors and rust resistance coatings. While providing a less durable table surface, they are carefree for light entertaining and displays of horderves.

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In a Spanish Eclectic style home, there is little left to the imagination. It has distinctive features originally known from Italy and Spain. The usually red clay tile roof, bright Mediterranean colors, white stucco siding and arches makes this Spanish looking home very well priced and sought after.

The perfect bistro accessory for the Spanish Eclectic style home is the Maya bistro table and chairs. This set matches the Spanish villa style with each chair features thin turned legs. It is proudly made of weathered white iron with the right amount of ornamentation that only the Spanish would recommend. You and your guests will enjoy the aristocratic feel of a Maya set.

The Tudor Cottage style home is more known as the Tudor Revival home during the Great Britain period. This medieval style home is designed with beautiful visible half-timbered framing, a steep roof, gables and usually ivory colored brick or stonework.

Bistro Tables for 6 Styled Homes
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The perfect bistro table set for the Tudor Revival home would be a Jamestown bistro table set. This set is designed to fit this homes classic medieval styling with a pub style table and capped end stools instead of chairs. The material is made of a deep cherry wood finish and has a solid support column with gold-bronze colored foot rest made into carved flourishes. This set is sure to set the tone for a fitting evening of tea and crumpets.

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The Southwestern or Mexican style home is one that is built with all the emphasis and focus in the kitchen. The kitchen is where all the rich design details of an old country hacienda architecture and interior such as the tile flooring tile and rich red color schemes that represent the hot chili pepper flavor in recipes.

A kitchen table bistro is especially ideal for the Southwestern style home. These bistros are placed in the kitchen as a smaller more intimate sitting area. The look can be selected in any color, wood and multiple chairs and is set higher than standard bistro chair sets. It actually somewhat mimics the Mexican women who stand for hours making only the finest homemade Mexican tamales and dishes for their families.

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