Beyond Debt-Free

Beyond Debt-Free

If you are an American living debt-free, you are part of a minority. Either that, or you’re only sixteen years old. 😉

More and more people, finally fed up with money worries, are taking the right steps to pay off credit card debt and various loans in record time. And believe me, that’s a great goal.

But what happens after? What happens when the only debt left is the mortgage?

It feels like a stone tied to your ankle. I say that because Jerry and I, as singles and in our marriage, have never been in debt…except for a mortgage. And even were someone to pay it off for us tomorrow, we still would have – in our current place of residence – all the regular bills, including electric and food.

In our current place where we do not have true freedom.

But, what if…?

Beyond Debt-Fre

What if we did some diligent, sacrificial investing for a few (a very few!) years and built our investments to the point where we could live off a small percentage of them per year, assuming we make a few minor changes? such as…

What if we sold our current house and moved to a smaller home in a less expensive area?

What if we built our own house, that was as energy efficient as a house can get, and eventually off the grid?

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What if building that house and buying that land did not require taking out another mortgage, because we did not get in a hurry and do only what we can afford to do with cash at the time?

What if we raised sixty percent or more of our own food?

What if we only had one car (we have two now)?

What if – should our investments take a temporary dive – we both could easily pick up enough income for basic living expenses, doing things like writing, computer consulting, tutoring, or network marketing?

Have you made your plan?

Jerry and I have a plan to go beyond debt-free. We have a plan to shape our circumstances so that we can be free to live our dreams.

And we’re not waiting until we’re in our sixties or beyond.