The 10 Commandments For Rug Owners

The 10 Commandments For Rug Owners

You found the perfect rug, you took it home, and built your décor around it, and it works perfectly in your space. So what comes next? It’s time to make sure it stays in great shape so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Rugs don’t require extensive care to keep them clean. These simple care tips will save you time and money when it comes to caring for your rug.

1. Clean Your Shoes

If you wear shoes inside your home, add an entry rug to keep most of the dirt away from your rugs. This will make cleaning the rugs easier and prevent more serious stains. In fact, considering all of the nasty bugs you may be dragging in, you should probably just opt to remove your shoes altogether before entering your home.

2. Vacuum Your Rugs

Make sure to vacuum your rug once a week to remove dirt and dust, and avoid using the vacuum beater bar. Many modern vacuums have a rug mode that will keep it clean without damaging it.

3. Be Careful With Spills

Be Careful With Spills
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Spills are among the worst things that can happen to a rug. Some materials, like synthetic fibers, are more resistant to stains because they are less absorbent. These fibers are best in places where spills might be more common, such as a kitchen or a dining room.

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4. If A Spill Happens, Act Right Away.

Don’t let the stain dry. Use an absorbent paper towel starting from the edges of the spill to prevent the liquid from spreading, and then use warm water to clean the stain. There are also commercial products and homemade recipes to treat stains, but these will depend on the materials of the rug.

If you wash the rug, make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting it back inside the room. Dry it laying flat on a large surface, and avoid hanging it from the middle, as this can damage the fibers. Once the rug is dry, vacuum it again.

5. Use Cleaning Products Carefully

Before applying commercial products to clean your rug, make sure they’re appropriate for its fibers. Check your rug’s tag, if it has any, and follow the cleaning product’s instructions. And be sure to avoid any of these common cleaning mistakes.

6. Be Resourceful

Be Resourceful
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A quick way to clean a stain is to mix 1/4 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in 1 cup of cold water. Apply this to the stain, rinse, and let it dry fully.

7. Be Gentle With Your Rug

Be mindful of small things that could cause short or long-term damage to the rug. For example, consider placing your heaviest furniture outside of the rug, and distribute your rugs depending on how sturdy the materials are and how much foot traffic they receive.

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Delicate silk rugs will not thrive as entry rugs. For this particular use, you’ll be better off choosing a more durable material like bamboo.

8. You Will Not Expose Your Rug To Prolonged, Direct Sunlight

If there are spots of direct sunlight in your room for many hours every day, placing a rug in that spot will only cause faded colors and weaker fibers. Consider using thicker curtains, using plants to cover some of the direct sunlight, or even rearranging the furniture to avoid exposing your décor.

9. You Will Store Your Rug Properly

You Will Store Your Rug Properly

If you’re putting your rug in storage, clean it thoroughly and keep it covered. Avoid using plastic if the climate is too hot and humid; use canvas instead.

10. You Will Ask For Help

Manufacturer and professional rug cleaners will be happy to help if you have any doubt about how to care for your rug properly. Also, it’s a good idea to schedule a deep clean for your rug once a year.

As you can see, all it takes to keep a rug in good shape is to prevent damage with a few simple steps. This way, you make sure you won’t need to replace your rugs for many years.

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