Stylish and Innovative Decorative Bathroom Shelves Ideas You Can Easily Adopt

Stylish and Innovative Decorative Bathroom Shelves Ideas You Can Easily Adopt

Talking about decluttering some bathroom necessities, you got tons of options to choose from. You can opt for the normal storage or adopt some decorative bathroom shelves ideas.

In this case, the decorative shelving unit is not a bad thing to add to the bathroom. All the options you can take from, come in different shapes, forms, designs, and any color.

So, what to choose? take the one that matches your room design and style. It is also important to consider the size, aesthetic sensibility, practicality, or authenticity. With that said, here are some shelving ideas to get you inspired.

1. Hyper-Minimalism Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Hyper-Minimalism Bathroom Shelf Ideas
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Many decorative bathroom shelves ideas come in different sizes and materials. Here, you can see how the creator uses glass and utilize the break in the wall as a small shelving unit. The wood material creates an accent, while the glass is chosen to blend in with the white bathroom.

2. Freeform Open Cabinet Shelving

This shelve offers great storage space, aesthetic, and also add more function. The simple shelving has bookends and wire rod to secure your belonging.

The use of wire rood creates an open cabinet design which is great to create an open display shelving. It also comes with a towel rack.

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3. Multifunctional Ladder Shaped Planter Shelf

If you want to beautify the room, then you got a lot of decorative bathroom shelves ideas that come with interesting visuals. Just like this picture.

This multifaceted and multilevel shelving unit is a great piece to provide enough storage and beautiful focal point to the simple or minimalistic bathroom.

4. Wooden Slab Bathroom Shelf With Industrial Piping

Wooden Slab Bathroom Shelf With Industrial Pipe
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Industrial chic is one of the popular DIY or easy shelving unit idea. Here, the combination of wooden slab and metal pipe creates a great blend of industrial and simple shelving.

The pipe exudes a rustic old-time charm, while the wooden slab brings more than enough modern, classy, and clean impression from it.

5. Wooden Block Bathroom Shelf Idea

Wooden blocks are another popular material you can opt for. Installing some wooden block at the corner just like this picture suggests, will create a scene-stealer corner piece.

In this picture, the shelving is used to place some decorative pieces such as planters, colorful towels, or any other ornament.

6. Tiered Wire Rack Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Based on this picture, you can add unique shelving units using the wire racks. Using racks is a great decision to collaborate with the room’s aesthetics.

It comes in black, and match the black and white bathroom color scheme. At the same time, the item is transparent, lightweight, and fully functional.

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7. Recessed Shelves Ideas For Above Sink

Hidden Shelf Ideas For Above Sink
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Some decorative bathroom shelves ideas also come as a built-in design. Just like this image that utilizes the recessed shelves design to create storage space, accent, and a focal point.

While you can put a lot of bathroom necessities on it, putting some succulent planters in contrasting colors will make the area looks more appealing.

8. Over-The-Toilet Ladder Ideas/Bathroom Shelf Combination

Who said that over the toilet shelving is a bad idea? If you look at this picture, the shelving is impressive. The color blend perfectly and the design is not overwhelming.

It provides direct and reachable storage tempat wisata bulukumba for any necessities. At the same time, this beautiful shelving can boost the area aesthetics.

9. Modern Ladder Bathroom Shelf

Modern Stairs Bathroom Shelf
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If you are looking for a unique piece that will fit for modern design, then many decorative bathroom shelves ideas will delight your heart.

Just like this picture that adopts a modern ladder design. The piece looks unique, has sufficient surfaces to stack some towels, and an indoor planter.

10. Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Shelves

In this design, incorporate reclaimed wood as shelving. The natural wood material, make an authentic and rustic vibe to the bathroom.

It boasts the high visual aesthetic, has enough room to put some necessities, without disrupting the room area. A great furniture addition for a rustic bathroom style.

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