How Antibiotics Cause Disease

How Antibiotics Cause Disease

Does the title of this post shock you? That wouldn’t surprise me, since the medical system has done everything it can to condition us into thinking that antibiotics are God’s gift to mankind. But when you learn the truth about how they were developed, and the real efforts they have on your health, you start to think that those drugs came straight out of the Fiery Piet.

The concept of antibiotics came out of Louis Pasteur’s research. If bacterial germs were the cause of illness, then the cure would be something that kills those bacteria, right? Enter antibiotics.

The problem is, Pasteur lied.

On his deathbed, he confessed to his priest that he had plagiarized and modified another scientist’s work. He had actually made up the germ theory so that he could get public recognition!

“But antibiotics work!” you protest. “The last time I had strep throat, the doctor prescribed antibiotics and I felt better after taking them for a few days.”

Number one, you would have felt better after a few days regardless. Symptoms of strep throat don’t last that long.

Number two, antibiotics compromise the function of the beneficial micro-flora in your gut, making you even more vulnerable to more disease.

How Antibiotics Cause Disease

Number three, antibiotics don’t kill bacteria.

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Yes, you read that correctly. Antibiotics don’t kill bacteria. Instead, they destroy the outer cell wall of the bacteria. This does lead to the death of some of the pathogenic bacteria, which is why in a life-or=-death situation antibiotics can save a life. But many more of those bacteria – since they divide as quickly as they do – instinctively morph into a “nanno”, or very small, bacteria. They are also known as L-forms, the “L” standing for the incredibly complicated scientific term, “little”.

These even-tinier bacteria are now able to hide among your internal tissues. They are therefore no longer seen as foreign invaders, so your body doesn’t fight against them, so they continually multiply. And having no cell wall, L-form bacteria can multiply much faster than their parent origins.

This is why most people, after using antibiotics, find that the same infection crops up in their body again and again. And every time you use antibiotics, you increase the pathogens while weakening your immune defenses.

Antibiotics cause disease, they don’t cure it. Learn how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils, and you will be able to truly and with great effectiveness fight off any pathogen that invades your body.